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About Christian Kinder

With over 20 years’ experience in the jewellery manufacturing trade we have a passion for bringing a customer from concept to reality priding ourselves on exceptional designs that our customer’s feel amazing wearing every day.

Christian’s experience moves from antique jewellery and designs to classical to modern day pieces with a focus on detail being our main priority. All jewellery creates memories and we treat each piece with the respect it so richly deserves.

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You speak with our jeweller directly on site in either our specialty retail space or are seated in our workshop to discuss everything from minor to major changes to new pieces. You will see how a true manufacturing jeweller works and creates.

We are dedicated to working with you, not telling you, on what is best for you and your jewellery. And your options are endless – we create handmade pieces or we can use a CAD jewellery program – whatever suits you and your budget. All our pieces are impeccably made to the highest possible standards, a standard that we are proud and you are proud to share around.

Once you enter our specialty retail space and workshop you become family. Our time becomes your time. You will leave excited to share your experience with others and looking for reasons to return. We promise.